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What's in it for me?

Participants don't need to have knowledge of the law or special skills to serve. They must use common sense, keep an open mind, be fair, and honest.

Benefits of participating in the Alaska Jury Project:

In addition to supporting Alaska's justice system, participating in the Alaska Jury Project offers other benefits:

  • Participants directly affect real cases.
  • Participants enjoy the satisfaction of an important job well done.
  • The AJP is educational. Participants learn about the legal system.
  • The cases are interesting.
  • Participants meet new people and frequently make new friends.
  • Many participants enjoy a renewed feeling of pride for our justice system after service.

Participants receive $10.00 an hour and a light meal. They are asked to give their honest opinions of real cases. Participants may keep the money, or donate it to a religious/charitable organization. Most importantly, participants also get the opportunity to hear, see and evaluate a real lawsuit. AJP participants know they are contributing to Alaska and making a positive difference.

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