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Lori Merdes


 Wayland Baptist University
 BSOE (Corporate Training and Development)
 BSOE (Human Services and Social Welfare)
 Minor (Management Information Systems)

 Univ. of AK, Fairbanks (2009)
 Expected MA (Prof. Communication)

 Master Practitioner, Neuro-linguistic  Programming (NLP)
 West Virginia, an Alaskan since 1996.
 Community Service:  

 American Society of Trial Consultants
 Fairbanks Association of Legal Assistants
 Information Technology Education Instructor;
 Big Brothers Big Sisters Sponsor;

 My husband, my children, our grand-daughter,
 education,  decision  theory in  group contexts,
 alternate dispute  resolution, yoga, music,  reading.
Favorite Quote:  

 What I do today must be important because the  price
  is high.  I paid a day of my life for it.                                                                   [Anonymous]


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