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AJP Participant Information

Location: The AJP is located in the historic Northward Building in downtown Fairbanks, Alaska. At 455 3rd Avenue, the Northward Building is home to the Alaska District Attorney's office and has 24/7 security on duty. The Northward Building's security is available at (907) 456-4274.

Parking: Fairbanks' newest parking facility is directly across 3rd Ave. at 201 Lacey St. The Fairbanks Parking Authority's Day parking rates are: first 30 minutes FREE and $1.00 per hour after that to a maximum of $10.00 per day. The AJP will validate your parking stub. Additional parking is available throughout downtown streets. Be careful to lock your vehicle and do not park in restricted parking lots. Towing is enforced.

Timing/Transportation: Please plan to be physically present at all AJP meetings at least 10 minutes in advance of their scheduled start. Unfortunately, the AJP is unable to offer transportation to, or from, AJP events.

Dress: Participants are expected to dress casually, comfortably and so as not to distract other participants. At the same time, personal hygiene is always appreciated.

Behavior: Participants are expected to be on-time, courteous, and willing to speak their minds. "Going along with the group" does little good. Please feel free to speak your mind - bluntly and honestly. Your willingness to "tell it like it is" provides the most value to the attorneys and other participants.

Food/Drink/Gum/Snacks: Participants who are invited to attend a focus group will be fed. There is usually pizza and/or sandwiches and bottled water. Please do not bring your own food, drink, gum or snacks as they can distract other participant and attorneys.

Confidentiality: All AJP groups are 100% confidential. You will sign a legally binding confidentiality agreement before participating. More important than any legal agreement, the AJP trusts you to respect how important this project is to the attorneys and their clients. If we are to truly make a difference, we must honor the confidentiality of the AJP process, or attorneys will stop using it.

Special Needs: If you are physically challenged, or have medical/mental condition(s) that in any way that may affect your participation in an AJP group, please notify moderator Lori Merdes in advance. Accommodation will be made if at all possible.

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