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Alaska Jury Project - Participant FAQ's

What do AJP Participants contribute? Participants contribute approximately three (3) hours completing a simulated trial or focus group. AJP participants have an opportunity to deliberate verdicts and the encouragemet to provide "common sense" feedback to trial attorneys. Mrs. Merdes also uses much of the data gathered from AJP sessions to help non-participant attorneys better understand how Alaskans view cases ranging from personal injury, to breach of contract, to medical malpractice to criminal defense.

AJP participants are expected to be on time for all proceedings. They are also expected to be thoughtful, honest and blunt. Tell the attorneys what you think. This is your chance.

What do AJP participants get?  Participants receive $15.00 an hour and a light meal to give their honest opinions of real cases. Participants may keep the money, or donate it to a religious or charitable organization.
Most importantly, participants get the opportunity to hear, see, and evaluate a real lawsuit. AJP participants make a difference.

How often may AJP participants be involved? As often as requested. Sometimes participants are repeatedly invited. Sometimes, it takes months to be called. Once invited, the decision to participate is always yours.

What do I do if I have more questions? Contact AJP moderator Lori Merdes: Questions will be answered within two business days.

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