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Alaska Jury Project - Judge FAQ's

How does the AJP help clear my docket? Your docket is jammed. You and your law Clerk are looking for a way to resolve more cases, more efficiently. The Supreme Court continues to emphasize Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

ARCP 100 authorizes Alaskan trial judges to order mediation and other ADR activities. Yet, many trial judges are reluctant to order ADR because it can be expensive and entirely dependent upon the parties' faith in the mediator. In short, mediation is a waste of time in many instances.

AJP focus groups are fair and economical. Providing three hours of contact time with real jurors, AJP focus groups cost between $325 and $500 per side. By ordering attorneys to participate in an AJP focus group, you will ensure that the attorneys appearing before you: (1) identify troublesome aspects of their cases; (2) better understand how a judge or jury evaluates their case; and (3) "reel in" clients with unfounded expectations.

And let's face it - any chance to have attorneys sit down together, working toward resolution, provides untold opportunities for resolution. It's a win-win situation. AJP focus groups clear dockets.

How can I quickly order participation in an AJP focus group? Click below for a proposed mediation order, in full compliance with ARCP 100. Bring it up at the next CR 26(f) hearing. Spend five minutes discussing it with counsel in light of CR 82(a).

Sample CR 100 Mediation Order

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