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- Sample Confidentiality Agreement -

1. Participation: I will participate in a jury study related to an actual lawsuit, listening to the facts and testimony presented in a fair and impartial manner. I will deliberate and reach a verdict with my fellow jurors. I promise to the best of my ability to approach this matter in the same way I would if called to serve as an actual juror in this case.

2. Confidentiality: I swear and give my word to permanently maintain the strictest privacy and confidentiality of this entire process. I will never discuss the case details with anybody, not even my family, spouse or friends.

3. Video /Audio Taping & Assignment of Related Rights: These proceedings may be video/audio taped and used for later study or education. I forever assign all rights to my participation, likeness and image to the Alaska Jury Project without reservation.

4. Material Retained: I will leave all notes, documents and other materials with the Alaska Jury Project after the research is completed.

SIGNED AND SWORN TO this ______ day of _______________, 200___.

PRINTED NAMED: __________________________________

SIGNATURE: ______________________________________

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