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Civil Case 6: Workplace Liability

Plaintiff is a 48 year old, 195 lb., 73" tall Caucasian male. Date of loss: 09/06/97 at 1400. While working at a multi-level industrial facility, Plaintiff falls through an open hole in the 4 th floor. Defendant is construction company that was working in the area, and failed to cover (or tape off) the hole. A piece of conduit caught Plaintiff's decent between the 4th and 3rd floor after Plaintiff throws arms out. Plaintiff twisted his Right knee, received a small cut on his Left arm, band-aid sized. Plaintiff also strikes his Right elbow, medial on a horizontal structural I-beam. His Right fist was up. He was wearing long sleeves, along with full length, un-insulated coveralls, Red-wing steel toe work-boots, a hard-hat, ear (noise) plugs, safety glasses and had hand-tools in his pockets.

Plaintiff didn't go to a doctor for 14 days. He told his boss he cracked his funny bone and was just going to "wait and see."

Injuries include Right elbow damage, necessitating two surgeries, along with surgery to his Right knee. Medical bills exceed $50,000. Pre-existing conditions include slight Right side carpal tunnel slight) in his Right hand. Plaintiff had previous surgery on his Left knee.

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