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Civil Case 5: Automobile Crash

Plaintiff is a 49 year old, 150 lb., 62" tall Caucasian female. Date of loss: 11/12/03 2015 pm. Seat belts were positive. Drugs and alcohol were negative. Plaintiff was driving a 2002 Honda Accord (4-door). Weather: Cold & slick. Defendant male, was driving a 4-door sedan.

Plaintiff was northbound on the New Steese, facing College Rd. stopped in the Right lane, first car in line. The light was red. As the light turned green, the defendant came from the Plaintiff's Left side, "pushing the light." The front of Defendant's vehicle struck the driver's side front 1/4 and rear 1/4 on spin. There was $9,500 in property damage to plaintiff's vehicle.

Plaintiff had immediate pain on Left side of her neck. She was transported to FMH, X-rayed and released with a diagnosis of "whiplash." She has since been diagnosed with ruptured disks in her neck, requiring surgery to fuse three levels. Her medical bills exceed $30,000. Her future is uncertain.

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