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Civil Case 4: Premise Liability

Plaintiff is a 41 year old, 144 lb., 63" tall Caucasian female, renting a low-income apartment on the second-floor of an Anchorage apartment house. Awakening on the morning of 02/02/01 at 0630 for work, she walked to the common bathroom area, down the hall from her apartment at approx. 0725. Returning to her apartment, she heard a friend call to her, from the descending stairwell. Turning to go down the stairs, she held onto the rail when her left slipper stuck to a "tack strip" that was exposed on the carpeted stair, causing her foot to catch. She fell forward, landing on her knees and "riding" her knees down four stairs.

Her injuries include multiple fractures of her Left lower leg and ankle. She required surgery and plates were installed. Her medical bills exceed $20,000 and her recovery is expected to be good. She missed 14 weeks of work (earning $395/week as a clerk) and is expected to develop premature arthritis in her ankle due to damage suffered in this fall.

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