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Civil Case 3: Automobile Crash

Richardson Hwy. near Ft. Wainwright gate. Date of loss: 07/01/00, at 0236 hours. Plaintiff (injured person) was traveling toward Fairbanks in the "slow" lane. Defendant (killed in the crash) was on-coming on the divided Richardson highway, on the wrong side of the divider. Defendant was intoxicated. No passengers in either vehicle. No witnesses are listed on the police report. Neither party was wearing a seatbelt. Plaintiff was not under the influence of any drugs, nor alcohol, but tested positive for methamphetamine use in the prior 21 days. The AK State Troopers responded and filed a report.

Plaintiff is a 31 year old, 145 lb., 69" tall Alaskan Native male, going home from working overtime. Defendant was a 22 year old, 128 lb., 65" tall Caucasian female, returning home from drinking with her friends.

Plaintiff was driving a 1992 Ford Bronco. Defendant was driving a 1999 Ford Escort, 2-door sedan. Both cars were totaled.

Defendant died at the scene.

Plaintiff was transported by ambulance to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital . His injuries included a massive brain trauma, a fractured skull and multiple broken ribs. His medical bills exceed $400,000. Recovery has been partial. He is alive, but struggling with short-term memory and emotional issues. Plaintiff is unable to work as an automobile mechanic where he earned approx. $35,000/yr. before this crash. His future is uncertain.

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