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Civil Case #1: Automobile Crash

Automobile crash. Cushman and 2 nd Ave. in Fairbanks. Date of loss: 06/14/01, at 1707 hours. Plaintiff (injured person) was Northbound on Cushman. Defendant was Eastbound on 2 nd Ave. Both claimed to have the "green" light. No passengers in either vehicle. No witnesses on police report. Both parties wearing seatbelts. No drugs, nor alcohol involved. Police report by the Fairbanks Police Department.

Plaintiff is a 27 year old, 177 lb., 72" tall Caucasian male, going home from work. Defendant is a 44 year old, 206 lb., 70" tall Caucasian male, going to restaurant where he was to meet his wife for dinner.

Plaintiff was driving a 1989 Chevrolet half-ton Pickup truck. Defendant was driving a 1999 Ford half-ton Pickup truck. Damage to plaintiff's Chevrolet was on the driver's side, front ¼ panel, costing approximately $1,800 to repair. Damage to defendant's Ford was on the passenger's side, front ¼ panel, costing approximately $2,300 to repair.

Plaintiff was transported by ambulance to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital . His injuries included a fractured left humorous (upper arm, non-comminuted) and a strained neck. Surgery repaired the fracture with open reduction and internal fixation (the doctor screwed a metal plate into his upper arm bone). His neck never fully healed. It continues to hurt him, giving him headaches and daily discomfort. Plaintiff missed four (4) months of work (earning approx. $4,400/month) and his future is uncertain.

Defendant was not hurt.

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