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What is the AJP?

Founded by Lori Merdes in 2001, the Alaska Jury Project (AJP) is a non-profit, Alaskan-based organization dedicated to bringing Alaskan values back to Alaska's courtrooms. Using focus groups and simulated trials, the AJP invites Alaskans of every race, origin, ethnicity, gender and background to evaluate potential lawsuits and provide feedback to trial attorneys. In short, the AJP gives every Alaskan a chance to evaluate real cases and help attorneys decide which have merit.

The AJP helps attorneys avoid filing frivolous lawsuits. Working with volunteer participants, the AJP utilizes widely accepted social science techniques to aid attorneys in more effectively developing their cases for trial. For example, focus groups, trial replication and community opinion surveys help identify the "jury issues" in civil and criminal cases.

The AJP was originally funded through a grant from Merdes & Merdes, P.C., an Alaskan trial law firm dedicated to helping the seriously injured and wrongfully accused. The AJP is now supported by several Alaskan law firms sharing a common interest in preserving the integrity of Alaska's jury system.

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